The TFRA (Tax-Free Retirement Account)

It's no surprise your financial advisor hasn't told you about these.

Having a financial advisor is great, but...

Truth #1: Your financial advisor most likely doesn't know that an account like this is available, and or they likely don't know how to set it up to be legally tax-free for the account holder.

Truth #2: Most financial advisors are not licensed to facilitate these, nor are they contracted with the companies that provide them. They are simply pushing financial vehicles that the company they have contracted with is recommending they provide.

Truth #3: Almost ALL of the financial vehicles a financial advisor offers is subject to fluctuations in the market which can result in loss of principle balance. And they do not provide flexible and Tax-Free income.

A Tax-Deferred 401(K) or IRA....Really?


X You gotta pay taxes: One way or the other you have to pay taxes on your gains, either upfront or at the end when using your traditional retirement accounts.

X That money isn't as accessible as most would like or need it to be: Unless you want to pay financial penalties to access your hard earned money, those funds are going to be tied up when you might need them in a pinch.

X You're caped on how much you can squirrel away: There are funding limits to how much you can put away into these accounts. (Hmmmm, it's kinda like "they" don't want you to really obtain any kind of financial freedom.

X That money is at RISK!!!: When the markets go up everyone is happy to see their 401(K) or IRA statement, but when things come down...(cringe)

X Uncle Sam's Nose will be all up in your business: The government is going to want to know about everything that is going on in that account, you have to report it.

The Beauty of a TFRA (Tax-Free Retirement Account)

  • The growth in these accounts NEVER get taxed: If your TFRA is set up correctly and structured according to the current IRS tax-code you won't ever pay tax on your gains and its 100% legal.

  • The gains are locked in: Your balance never goes get hit when the market takes a turn for the worst.

  • Your money is liquid: You can access and withdraw your principal and gains at any time, without penalty and without taxes....ever!!!

  • Additional Benefits: These accounts provide additional benefits that traditional retirement accounts don't. In the event something happens to you that may inhibit your ability to continue earning a living and thus contributing to your retirement, these accounts have unique benefits to save you in a time of need.

  • Your earnings in these accounts are NONE of Uncle Sam's business: The money these accounts generate are NOT considered income in the eyes of the IRS and you don't have to report any of it.

These accounts offer a lot of financial benefits and flexibility for you and your family.

But you may be asking...

"Is this really possible, and why don't most people know about them?"

Yes, it's possible and it's 100% legal.

This isn't anything new, these accounts have been around for a long time. Used by wealthy individuals and families to build up and pass along generational wealth, tas -free.

You won't see commercials for them on TV, and they won't be in magazines you see in the Dr office. Uncle Sam doesn't want every American knowing about these, putting away massive amount of their earnings into a Tax-Free Retirement Account instead of a 401(K) and or IRA that they can tax. They are NOT going to broadcast this info on the loudspeaker or prime time news or freeway billboards.

Financial Advisors and Brokerage houses don't tell you about it because they profit on the investments they manage for you ( regardless if the market goes up or down, you pay fees either way). So, telling you there is this AMAZING account that they don't offer is not in their best interest.

Read that last sentence one more time and let it sink in.

"telling you there is this AMAZING account that they DON'T offer is NOT in THEIR best interest."


Are You Paying Attention Yet?

This should be about what's in YOUR best interest!

This is YOUR hard earned money!

It's YOUR retirement!

YOUR legacy!

You have been SOLD the idea that they are making money "for" you? To a degree this is true, and you accept this, but at what cost?

The reality is they are making money off of you and they will keep you there as long as possible with as much of your assets as possible.

It's an arrangement you have with them but that doesn't mean you need to have all your eggs in those baskets when you can easily diversify into something that is so much more advantageous for YOU and your family.

Can You Qualify For A Tax-Free Retirement Account?

Sadly not everyone does...

A TFRA account is available for everyone to apply, but not everyone qualifies.

And in some cases they don't make sense because everyone's situation is different. There may be other solutions even if you do qualify to help you achieve your financial goals

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