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Mindset & Culture

JPMoney Talk was formed out of a friendship between two Insurance Agents Jam and Pang-Nhia when we used to work together at the same Insurance Marketing Agency. Both of us, worked independently providing our clients with Financial Services to help them with Annuities, Tax-Free Retirement Accounts, and Mortgage Protection. 

You could say we became Battle Buddies, sharing our ups and downs in the industry and helping each other navigate the challenges independent agents like us faced on a daily basis. This included our clients we’re helping, the agents and teams under us that we were leading and the industry itself that we had to operate in. 

Through it all we filtered out what we liked and didnt like, the kind of client we wanted to work with and how we wanted to work with them. Knowing that not everyone is a good fit for us and we’re not a good fit for everyone as well. 

So we created a platform where we could share our thoughts and insight on the industry for the end consumer and other agents and advisors out there who are either new to the industry or seasoned professionals. Where they could get to know us as a fellow human and get access to information they can count on as solid advices meant to better their lives. Giving them a uncensored, behind the scenes perspective, blunt and to the point recommendation for what may work for them. All without the fluff or dog and pony show, without the stuffy and proper “I’m a Insurance Agent/Salesperson” feel. Think of us as a family member you actually like that's giving you the scoop on the their area of expertise.  

Ultimately, we’re just regular people like everyone else. We’ve had and still have our life struggles and challenges, and through it all we have uncovered the benefits of the products and services we offer believing in the value they provide to our clients. 

So, JPMoney Talk is where we can educate and inform our clients with the information they need and want revolving around the Financial Services that we provide. Giving them an opportunity to become familiar with us as individuals and build a relationship of trust, founded on transparency and integrity.

Carriers & Strategic Alliances

When it comes to what products and services we can offer we wanted to have the freedom to place our client with companies that serve them best. Not what management wants us to push because of their own self serving interest. This is why we operate independently and are able to provide access the A+ Rated carriers, many of which are household names most people recognize.

Complimenting this is our strategic alliance with Gradient Financial who can provide CFP's and CFA's to our clients for a comprehensive financial risk assessment and financial analysis on securities that are outside of our scope of expertise and licencing. Working hand in hand with Financial Advisors is key to the long term success of our clients retirement plans.

Jam Forootan

Chief Strategist | Financial Professional | Insurance Broker

NPN# 18846998

I bring a divers perspective to the industry that ecompassses Commercial Real Estate, E-Commerce and Alternative Income Strategies. And as an independent broker I'm thrilled to have access to multiple A+ Rated carriers enabling me to shop for my clients and customize an affordable solution that meets their budget and needs.

What people like about me the most is that I'm brutally honest, blunt and to to point. The funny thing is, that's also what some people don't like about me. Either way I'm going to tell you what you need to hear, and at the end of the day it's about me leaving you in a better position than when I found you in.

And the underlying truth is that I genuinely care about the people I work with. I value their time and efforts, so it should be no surprise that I expect the same in return. Everyone has equal value, we’re all in this together.

Pang-Nhia Burke

Chief Financial Officer| Financial Professional | Insurance Broker

NPN# 18788969

Pang-Nhia is a Financial Professional licensed in multiple states to serve her clients where they are. She has over 15 years In the financial industry and has 8 years specializing in employee benefits, retirement and payroll as a Director of Human Resources. She saw how employees weren’t given proper education about their retirement planning and wanted to be able to better serve them from a different angle.

Now focused on retirement planning she believes that every person deserves the proper education so they have the chance to enjoy the fruits of their labor, creating a nest egg and protecting what matters most to them. She also specializes in the life and health industry leveraging her many years of knowledge. “Serving people is part of my DNA.

As a financial professional, I am able to serve my clients based on their unique situation and have the ability to educate them on making their money work for them."

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