Fixed Annuities

Protecting What You're Counting On For Lifetime Income

What is a Fixed Annuity

A fixed annuity is an insurance contract that offers a guaranteed fixed interest rate on the buyer's contributions for a set duration. This type of annuity is ideal for those looking for low-risk investments that offer premium protection and a stable income stream for life.

Benefits of Fixed Annuities

Low Risk

Capital Preservation

Income In Retirement

Fixed Rate of Return

Tax-Deferred Growth

Potential To Pass Money To Heirs

If You're Concerned About:

  • Running out of money in retirement

  • Having steady income

  • Protecting the gains in your 401K and or IRA's

  • Avoiding PROBATE for you heirs

  • Taking a loss when the market corrects

Making Sense Of Your Retirement

Retirement plans can be based on minimizing market risk to avoid losing years worth of retirement savings due to market downturns.

The stock market can be volatile and unpredictable, and even a small loss can require a significant gain just to break even.

To avoid market risk, there are several solutions that focus on fixed insurance products with minimum guarantees that have no market risk to principal.

You worked so hard to accumulate your fortune, through the ups and downs of the market. Now with inflation out of control and benefits getting cut with the National Debt climbing daily...

NOW is the time to keep it safe!

The Government will NOT bail you out to save your retirement, and there's a very high probability they're going to make things worse than they already are...

Plan smartly and protect what you can.

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